Small Space Area Solutions

 How a Wall-bed can Help You Make the Most of Your Space

Living in a condo, apartment or studio is difficult, as often times there just isn’t enough room for everything and everyone and most people today have more stuff than they do space. If you’re tired of having no space for guests, for yourself or for your children, consider a wall-bed. Installation of a wall-bed allows you to simply fold up the bed after every use at night, and free up the room completely! A wall-bed will allow you to house guests without having to sacrifice your room on a regular basis. Simply pull it down for sleep, and then fold back up when it’s no longer useful. Here are some of the ways a wall-bed can be used in small areas in order to get the most area out of your home.

A wall-bed in a studio apartment is much more convenient than a fold-out couch

Why sacrifice the comfort of a good mattress for the hard, back-aching mattress of a fold-out couch when it’s absolutely unnecessary? A wall-bed installed in one side of your wall will allow you to have both a comfortable bed and a sitting area. Consider adding extra cabinets around the inset wall-bed for extra storage space, which is always a good idea!

Bunk-beds are impractical… while a wall-bed will free up your child’s play space, and be useful for years to come

If your child’s bedroom is small enough they are forced to play in the living room or kitchen under your feet, perhaps it’s time to consider a better solution. A foldable wall-bed in single, twin or queen size will increase the size of your kid’s bedroom and allow them to play and run around much more comfortably, and will be useful for a much longer time than a bunk bed, which you will ultimately have to throw away as soon as your kids grows out of it.

Home office space is much easier to find

If you spend a lot of time working from home, but have no space for a comfortable desk and chair, an installation of a wall bed will provide you with the extra space in your bedroom to actually be able to call it your office.

De-clutter with the extra storage space a wall bed and surrounding cabinets can provide

Not only does installation of a wall bed free up the area that would be beneath it, it can also provide you with more wall storage when paired with extra cabinets.

Comfortably house your guests

Say goodbye to inflatable mattresses and sleeping on the living room floor. A fold out wall-bed is a comfort to those who often have guests but are limited in their space.

As you can see, a wall-bed can help you increase your living space in a small area. Visit Matrix Wallbeds to see our company’s line of wall beds, learn about installation and customization and find your small space solution today!